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Registered Corriente Cattle

The Hoffman family and Broken Circle Cattle Company
The 350 mother cows carrying the Broken Circle brand live in southern Idaho's high desert. Our range runs from 3000-5000' in elevation and averages 8" of annual precipitation - most of which falls in the winter. We typically have green grass for only 90-120 days. Our temperatures range from 0 to over 100 degrees. It's not all steep and rocky - some of it is just rocky. If a cow or bull can earn their living here, they can earn it anywhere. They must travel well and be thrifty. Broken Circle cattle have to be tough - Desert Tough!
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Our Breeding Program

Our breeding program addresses the following traits, roughly in order of economic importance:

  • Efficiency - also known as thriftiness of the cow
  • Maternal Traits - ability to raise an acceptable calf every year
  • Longevity - length of productive life
  • Roping Performance - able to be roped at an early age and for a long period of time
  • Beeding Value - capable of bringing higher prices due to conformation, bloodlines, or show performance
  • Carcass Value - measured in quantity and quality of meat
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Broken Circle Cattle Company
Ted Hoffman, DVM
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Mountain Home, Idaho 83647
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