Why Corriente Cattle?

Why Should You Raise Corriente Cattle?

Corriente cattle can be more profitable than other breeds. At one time we ran separate herds of Corrientes and our reputation beef cattle on the same ranch. Detailed accounting revealed that the Corrientes produced just over $200 more profit per cow. Reduced maintenance costs per cow, both in pasture and harvested forage, was the primary factor, followed by lower labor and management requirements.

The future looks bright for Corrientes, in sharp contrast to virtually all other American agricultural products. Our foreign competition has been declining and is expected to continue to do so. We are not in a “commodity” market, where forces beyond our control dictate the prices we must take. Instead, we enjoy a “niche” market where many of our customers are more concerned with their ability to achieve their recreation goals than they are in cutting costs. You can add value for your clients and be paid for that added value. Cattle size, speed, color, training and seasonal availability are all ways to better meet a particular customer’s needs.

We have many marketing choices : sell with a buyback agreement, or lease – as tie-down calves, breakaway calves, calves still on the cow, calves to train cutting or working horses, roping stock, bulldoggers, older cattle for practice or training kids or colts, breeding stock, and ultimately feeder cattle.

The unique muscle structure of Corriente cattle – more red muscle cells than white muscle cells – is similar to that of wild game. A leaner cut of Corriente meat can be as juicy, tasty, and tender as the same cut from a beef animal with much more fat. Marketing opportunities exist for cull cows and bulls and retired roping stock. Customer satisfaction is high and repeat business is common.
These cattle are generally fun to work with. They are alert, ready to move and fast, but remain calm and responsive if handled correctly. They offer enjoyable opportunities to either train or ride a horse actively. It is interesting and enlightening to watch their unusual behavior patterns – wild traits that man has not bred out of them – such as their strong herd instincts, their pecking order rituals, and calf protection behaviors.

For a history of this unique breed, see the North American Corriente Association website at www.corrientecattle.org.

Why Should You Consider Broken Circle Cattle Corrientes?

We stand behind our cattle and with our customers. We value repeat business and view our customers as partners. Our high desert cattle are tough – they can produce anywhere.
Our breeding program is designed to maximize our profits and yours. We offer both uniformity and variety in our 500 cow herd and our large group of exceptional herd bulls.

In the unlikely event we don’t have what you need, we’ll help you find it.